About project
  • The chief architect of the project is one of the most famous Lithuanian architects ( the author of The Presidential Palace ( Prezidentūra ) in Lithuania and the largest Lithuanian recreational complex «Belmontas»), whose service is enjoyed by large quantities of Lithuanian elite
  • A creative team of highly skilled professionals who have many years' experience of working to Lithuanian elite’s orders, were employed for the project
  • Under the resolution of the Vilnius city municipality council, adopted on December 29, 2008, the project acquired the status of «the important unit for the development of the Vilnius district of Lithuania»
  • The project is one of the largest units developed in the Vilnius district of Lithuania
  • The project got the official encouragement from the district officer of the town of Bezdonys and Bezdonys district, on which territory the project is located
  • Under the development plan of Bezdonys district, 2010, the territory of the project applies to the zone of agglomerational influence of Vilnus, to which the concept of further Vilnus territory development is extended