Land Plot
Land Plot

Area: 39,0097 ha
Location: Vilnius district, Nemenchin direction from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania
Land right: ownership
Location: 2,5 km from the city line, 18 km to the center of Vilnius, 17 -20 km from the historical places related to Gaon Vilnyussky:
  • The house of the 18th century where he lived and the monument of the 20th century (Zhidu Street)
  • The initial burial place (Olimpechu Street);
  • The reburial place: Lithuania jewish cemetery (Suderves Kyle Street);
  • Vilnius Jewish Museum named after Gaon (Pilimo Street).
  • 19-20 km from the historical sites related to the Jewish culture in Lithuania:
  • The former Big Synagogue of Lithuania, the 16th century;
  • The Choral Synagogue of Vilnius, the 20th century;
  • Former ghetto, 1941-1943;
  • The Tolerance center, 19th century (Naugarduko Street);
  • The Jewish community of Lithuania.