Location features:
The Nemenchine direction is the location of the most prestigious and expensive land in Lithuania. For visual demonstration this highway can be compared with Rublyovskoye shosse near Moscow

Environmentally clean area .The Nemenchine direction is the only Vilnius highway, 95% of land along which is covered with forests. No industrial projects have ever been developed along this highway, and any land free of forests has been used for garden cooperatives, health resorts and vacation homes.

Proximity to lakes. Most lakes of the Vilnius Region are located in this direction. The closest lakes (Shilas, Tapyalyay, Antavilyu) are located in two to four kilometers from the PROJECT
Surrounding forests and preserved venerable oaks. The PROJECT site is surrounded by the woods from several sides, has two of its own forest areas and eighteen beautiful preserved century-old oaks.
Strategically important location. The PROJECT site is an isolated area bordering on the existing melioration channel 10 meters wide and the woods. The Project is located within the optimum distance from the capital: it allows the daily use of the Vilnius social infrastructure while living "in the country", in an environmentally clean forest and park area, in safe conditions and enjoying the benefits of the city life.

Land zoning: recreational/residential, commercial, forest, for utilities
Number of recreational/residential development plots for the construction of mini-hotels -18 (total area - 23.36 ha)
  • land development rate - 30%
  • development density - 0.4
  • development height-up to 12 m
  • number of mini-hotels- 100
  • total number of rooms - 900
  • area of one mini-hotel - 200-500 sq. m
  • total area of all mini-hotels - 20,000-50,000 sq. m
  • Number of recreational plots for rest areas - 3 (total area - 4.16 ha,
    including 1.04 ha for three artificial ponds)
  • Number of commercial plots for construction of the main hotel building, administrative building, cafe, store, spa salon, kindergarten, etc. - 6 (total area -4.1 ha)
  • land development rate - 30%
  • development density - 0.6-1.0
  • development height - up to 12 m
  • total commercial development area - up to 30,000 sq. m
  • area of the three-storey hotel - up to 20,000 sq. m
  • total rooms - from 100 to 300
  • Number of forest plots for woods and parks - 2 (total area - 2.14 ha)
  • Number of plots for utilities • 3 (total area - 5.24 ha)